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Our costs include the employment of an administrator, expenses for our co-ordinators, marketing and publicity. Our volunteers provide their services free of charge, but can claim expenses as appropriate.

The charity was launched with the support of a number of generous grants.

Donations from individuals and organisations are always appreciated and put to good use. If you would like to make a donation to the work of Hands Together LUDLOW please use the on-line link at the top of this page, or contact the Hands Together office.

More detailed information about donating on-line or by cheque or in person is available here.

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There are two main types of gift you could make in your Will, both of which would be greatly appreciated:

1. Gift of money
You can leave a set amount of money to Hands Together LUDLOW.
An example clause in your Will would read: “I give free of inheritance tax £amount in figures to Hands Together LUDLOW of 52 Broad Street, Ludlow SY8 1NH (registered charity number 1171979).”

2. Gift of your residuary estate
This leaves a remainder share or percentage of your estate to Hands Together LUDLOW. Your Solicitor will be able to ensure that the wording of this clause in your Will is correct, provided you are able to give them the address and registered charity number of Hands Together LUDLOW.

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 Our vision is for a happy, hospitable, compassionate and just community which helps people help themselves, and our mission is to provide a more effective community process for achieving this vision. We do this by creating a network of volunteers which works with agencies, charitable organisations, local businesses and churches, to identify and provide relief to people in need and find community building solutions in Ludlow and the surrounding villages in South Shropshire.


We are funded by the community and many other groups, including:

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