Digital Inclusion

Much of day-to-day life has moved on-line. This can be a major barrier for those without the experience, confidence, or the equipment, to use the internet or smart phone apps.

We provide a range of support to help combat this.    

1.  1-2-1 Tech Talk

Have you got phone phobia or tablet troubles? Our 1-2-1 Tech Talk is the place to come! These sessions will focus on questions or concerns you have around a device, this could be a smartphone, a tablet, IPad or laptop. This can relate to anything from what anti-virus protections is and how to download an app. The sessions are by appointment only and last approximately 30 minutes on a Monday afternoon at our building.

Call us to find out more: 01584 873 062

2.   1-2-1 Help Hub

Our new Help Hub is designed to help assist people with the completion of online forms and applications. The sessions run twice a week on a Wendesday and Thursday morning at our building. Wednesday sessions, with a volunteer, cover online forms such as Utilities, Pensions, DVLA, Council Tax and Repeat Prescriptions. Thursday sessions, with a volunteer, cover online forms such as Carer's Allowance, Blue Badge, Bus Pass, Attendance Allowance, Pension Creidt and Universal Credit (strictly not Personal Independence Payment). Both sessions are by appointment only. 

Call us to find out more: 01584 873 062

3.   Access to the internet:

 Our social space offers free to use (although donations are welcome) internet linked equipment and printer if you have a quick task you can only do on-line and you don’t have the means. Space is limited and so you may want to ring ahead to check availability.


4.  Help at home:

We can loan housebound people without access to the internet everything they need to get online, including limited free access to the internet so people can ‘try before they buy’.


5.  Recycle

 We help reduce waste by taking people’s workable but no longer needed IT devices, professionally wiping the hard drive, upgrading where needed and then redistributing items within the local community.     



“…Thank you so much for sorting out my tablet and emails. I didn’t think it would ever work and now I can use email again after years of not been able to…” (J, age 93)